Testimonials & Reviews

Nurtura MedSpa is probably one of the cleanest and nicest looking establishments I've ever been in—it looks like it belongs in Beverly Hills! I absolutely love the staff; they have spent hours with me going over what will be best for my skin without charging for all of their extra time…

/  SB  /


Awesome, professional staff and wonderful Med-Spa. It is such a treat! They made me feel like a queen and the surroundings are exquisite. As for Dr. Dagan [he] is one in a million, AWESOME. And my skin has looked and felt so much softer and with a younger glow! I Loved the experience and the outcome!

/ KS  /


Beautiful and clean environment! Staff is kind, knowledgeable, and professional. This medspa has the newest technology to actually measure different components of the skin as apart of your service. I was a loyal costumer to another medspa and I am so happy that I tried Nurtura MedSpa.

/ AH  /