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What is Nü?

Introducing Nu:

NU is derived from the first two letters of our name, nurtura.

Nurtura is a leader in the early adoption of regenerative aesthetic procedures in the puget sound under the direction of dr. waldo dagan.

nu is nurtura’s proprietary state of the art procedure to restore your natural look AND SEXUAL HEALTH by harnessing the inherent healing powers of growth factors and stem cells.

nu: Natural you.


Growth Factors : PRP [ Platelet-Rich-Plasma ]

PRP [ Platelet Rich Plasma] : Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) to renew collagen growth, restore firmness, hydration, and texture. This procedure harnesses your own natural growth factors to powerfully stimulate collagen production in your skin leaving you a softer, even toned, healthy and youthful look. Best results with a series of 3 sessions

AMNION: Amniotic fluid has been a major component of the growing field of regenerative medicine. Its applications in medical practice are constantly being expanded. Recently medical providers have discovered that amniotic fluid can facilitate excellent hair regrowth through its many growth factors and other beneficial cytokines. Amniotic fluid, and amniotic tissue products, are rich in cellular signally markers that stimulate tissue regeneration in the areas being treated. Amniotic fluid for hair loss is yet another example of how regenerative medicine is changing our lives and the future of healthcare

Fat Derived Stem Cell Injection

Fat Derived Stem Cell Injection (adipose tissues) can be harvested from unwanted areas in the midsection and transferred aseptically to areas of the face to restore volume and rejuvenate the skin leaving you a more natural look. It is also used to regrow hair in areas of the scalp where more hair growth is desired. It is also used in rejuvenating health in tissues allowing a more satisfying sexual experience both in men and women. The innovative technology is called ALMI ( Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection ):

  1. It is a revolutionary procedure that uses a patient’s own tissues and cells to help renew and rejuvenate damaged or diseased tissues and volume loss.

  2. The Nu Fat Transfer procedure utilizes adipose cells (fat) and their stem and stromal cell components, along with platelet concentrates, which are then carefully placed directly into targeted tissues. These cells are unique because they have the potential to develop into many different types of cells and seek out areas of injury that need rejuvenation or restoration.

  3. By inserting the cells into the affected area, this amplifies the body's healing capabilities for more efficient restoration/regeneration of the tissue. Depending on where the tissue and cells are inserted, the fat transfer procedure has been proven to spark hair follicles, rejuvenate collagen, provide structural support for volume loss, and help improve a variety of health conditions. Our body’s natural healing process is fairly efficient, but modern science can accelerate the process.

Nurtura is pushing its boundaries to discover ways to restore youth, beauty and wellness by utilizing innovative and advanced techniques.
— Waldo A. Dagan, MD

Nü Face : (Volumizing/Rejuvenation)

As of 2017, this has been an innovative facial volumizing procedure. It involves grafting a small amount of fat from another part of the body, mechanically processing it into its smallest form, and through tiny injections (Micronized Injection), using it to fill out facial wrinkles and areas of the face that need additional volume. Because it utilizes a patient's own fat, it has bio hormonal benefits that improve the health of the skin. Also, the Nu procedure of mechanically breaking down the natural fat into its smallest-particle form allows opportunities for a long-lasting, smooth finish.

What does NuFace procedure improve?

Every time a person expresses emotions, the delicate muscles of the face create lines in the skin that can deepen into permanent wrinkles as a person ages and loses facial volume and collagen of the skin. The lines can create a permanent appearance of stress or fatigue.

Micronized Fat injections can:

  • Smooth or reduce the appearance of facial lines.

  • Improve the volume, texture and tone of a person's skin.

  • Create a smooth finish with longer-lasting results than typical fat grafting.

  • Achieve similar aesthetic goals as other fillers have done in the past, but with a lower cost to the patient.

How is the procedure performed?

This is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done in the office, taking as little as 45 minutes. Injector MD numbs the small area where the fat is to be removed with a small needle stick, removes fat and mechanically processes it, introducing no new chemicals into the tissue. The processed, natural fat is injected into different areas of the face, including superficial areas close to the surface of the skin, using small-gauged cannulas. This is done to create a smoother finish with the bio hormonal benefits that come from using a person's natural tissue.

Dr. Dagan has been trained to do the procedure by itself or combined with other fillers to enhance deeper facial tissue as well. 

What are the risks?

  • Bruising, bleeding and pain at the site of the injections

  • Temporary numbness, redness, swelling or hypersensitivity

What can be expected after the procedure?

It is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity for at least a couple days, but a person may resume other activities immediately.

How soon until I see results?

Results should visible immediately and are expected to last for more than two-five years.

Is it covered by insurance?

Nu is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance companies.

Nü Hair : ( Hair Regrowth Procedure )


Turn back control of your hair and restore your confidence! Hair loss. Miniaturization of the hair follicle is the clinical hallmark of balding. Certain studies have established that stem cells residing in the scalp remain at persistent numbers, but the conversion of stem cells to the progenitor cells required for follicle stimulation and cycling is reduced in balding patients. Efforts to assist in this regeneration of the hair follicle may induce a more robust and stronger recycling of the hair follicle. Once these stem cells are administered, they have the ability to re-activate dormant follicles, forming new cells of mesenchymal origin. The NuHair procedure provides targeted treatment using your own cells to help stimulate the regeneration of follicles during hair growth cycles.  The procedure is performed either in the clinician’s office or in an outpatient facility, using local anesthesia for the harvest site and treatment site, and is completed in an hour or less.

A small amount of fat is harvested from either the abdomen or flank area, using a process called tumescent liposuction, which is done manually, with a very small cannula or needle and tiny incision. A very small amount of blood is drawn for PRP, which is then spun in a centrifuge. The area to receive treatment is numbed with several types of local anesthetic, and the NuHair and PRP injections are given using a very small needle, similar to that used in facial fillers. 



Amniotic fluid contain many beneficial cytokines. Cytokines are a type of cell signaling protein. There are many different types of cytokines, and when you come across the term cytokine in regenerative articles just remember it’s a cell signaling protein. Amniotic fluid cytokines consist of several very different groups of proteins, some of which are growth factor cytokines. Growth factors stimulate cellular activity and tissue growth, as the name suggests. These growth factors can stimulate a variety of connective tissues and cell types, just like the types of tissues found in the dermal and epidermal tissues of the scalp. Let’s take a look at some of the growth factors responsible for success when applying amniotic fluid for hair loss.

Epidermal Growth Factor, or EGF, is one of the major beneficial growth factors in amniotic fluid and tissue products and is responsible for cell growth and proliferation. This growth factor can essentially turn the hair follicle cells back on and kick them into a proliferation state where they are active and producing hair. This is the basic idea, although the mechanisms behind their activity are more complicated than this.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, or VEGF, is a growth factor responsible for blood vessel formation and regeneration. You probably already know that blood flow plays a major role in hair growth and hair loss. Some medications originally developed for heart and cardiovascular conditions have side effects of increasing hair growth due to their capacity to dilate blood vessels. In this case VEGF is able to stimulate regeneration of the blood delivery system of the scalp, revascularization and angiogenesis are two technical terms for what VEGF does for dermal tissues.

Platelet Derived Growth Factor, or PDGF, is another growth factor responsible for blood vessel formation, or angiogenesis and stated above.
There are many more cytokines present in amniotic fluid and tissue products that play a part in the positive outcomes being seen in amniotic fluid for hair loss treatments. The combination of all these cytokines results in a hair loss treatment unlike any other option on the market.

Some of the other benefits of amniotic fluid for hair loss treatments are that it is readily available when you and the physician are both ready to proceed. It is typically stored on site and the provider can begin treatments immediately without having to engage in any invasive procedures to collect blood or stem cells from the patient. There are merits to all types of regenerative treatment and therapies, but in this case the simplicity, convenience, and availability of amniotic fluid for hair loss treatment seems to be the ideal treatment option for hair regrowth.

Nü Skin : Skin Rejuvenation with PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma)

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles. These needles are used to puncture the skin at various depths to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture creates a channel that stimulates neovascularization ( new blood vessels) and neocollagenesis ( new collagen ) to fill these microscopic wounds. A variety of microneedling devices exist with needle sizes ranging from 0.1  to 2.5 mm. Outcomes of microneedling vary based on the device, the depth of needle penetration, frequency of needle penetration, and the number of passes. The needles traumatically create pores in the dermis, which stimulates the release of growth factors and cytokines. The growth factors and cytokines in turn stimulate collagen, elastin, and neovascularization. Studies have shown that microneedling initiates collagen synthesis, specifically collagens I, III, and VII. Needling sessions are typically spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Microneedling has minimal side effects and can be used safely in patients with skin types III-VI in addition to patients with a history of melasma. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a highly concentrated serum that is rich in growth factors and cytokines such as platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, and vascular endothelial growth factor. These growth factors regulate and induce cell migration, attachment proliferation, and differentiation as well as promote extracellular matrix accumulation. PRP and the induction of growth factors has been used specifically in the treatment of bony defects, wound healing, gastrointestinal surgery, and more recently in aesthetic dermatology.

Nü Shot : ( Sexual Wellness )

For Women:

The Fat Tissue Derived Stem Cell Injection stimulates angiogenesis (a new blood supply) and re-activates the production of new collagen, which re-establishes the vaginal mucosa you once had. The active bio-cellular mix stimulates the tissue of the vaginal mucosa, inducing the production of collagen, which then improves the functionality of the treated area and restores the proper trophic balance to the mucous membrane. The results are that the dryness and pain you were experiencing before ALMI™ is noticeably improved, which helps to restore your confidence about becoming intimate without fear of discomfort.

What Does it Treat?

The procedure is one of the most effective minimally-invasive and non-pharmacological solutions for treating vaginal atrophy and its after-effects, which many women suffer from during menopause and after childbirth. It can be performed right in your physician’s treatment room, in about an hour, and does not involve lasers, creams or hormones. It is All-Me, All-Natural!

Fat Tissue Derived Stem Cell Injection: NuShot has been shown to help improve a variety of conditions for overall vaginal health, including:

  • Signs of childbirth and aging

  • Vaginal atrophy, tone, flexibility, and shape

  • Dryness, itchiness, and pain

  • Incontinence

  • Painful intercourse

Patients have reported an overall improved quality of life with better vaginal function and decreased symptoms. However, no treatment can be guaranteed, and outcomes will vary from patient to patient. Your physician will work with you to determine a treatment plan and discuss outcome options. Life doesn’t have to stop due to lack of intimacy. You can reinvigorate yourself, naturally. 

For Men

Male health and performance-related conditions arising from aging have long been considered “just a part of life.” Until now. Regaining or treating these issues has often involved shots, pills, or other types of remedies that don’t always work and can lead to further frustration or embarrassment, impacting your health in the process.

The NuShot ( Fat Derived Stem Cell Injection) has been shown to help improve a variety of conditions for overall male health, including:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Male enhancement

  • Peyronies

  • Incontinence

  • Painful intercourse

    Patients have reported an overall improved quality of life with better function and restored confidence and intimacy. However, no treatment can be guaranteed, and outcomes will vary from patient to patient. Individual ailments vary and the outcome depends on your body’s unique healing process. Some patients may experience results immediately or within just days of receiving the treatment, while others have taken months to reach the optimal resolution of their ailment. Each patient is different and results will vary. Your physician will determine a treatment plan tailored specifically for your condition that gives you the best chance of success.

You owe it to yourself to regain your confidence and performance. Aging doesn’t mean you lose your quality of life. With stem cells derived from fat tissue, you can regain your sexual health and vitality